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Karotel's Early Carrot 1000 Seeds

Karotel's Early Carrot 1000 Seeds

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Karotel's early carrot is best suited for spring and autumn cultivation. Its roots are typical of Nantes carrots as they have a cylindrical, almost even shape. They are distinguished by very high taste values, so they are eagerly bought - it all adds up to their commercial value. Karotela is a variety often used in commercial cultivation, it is also suitable for home gardens. It is very fertile and its roots are often used for juices and salads. They can also be stored for a short time.Growing carrots from seeds is not difficult, and the presented variety succeeds even inexperienced gardeners. You just need to sow its seeds in rows and then make a break. The seeds are sown in March and April, although if we want a later date, it is also possible in the second half of July. The harvest is in the period from August to October.

Our store sells packages containing 5 g of early Karotel carrot seeds.

Daucus Carota L.

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