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Kohlrabi Delikatess Blauer - 200 seeds

Kohlrabi Delikatess Blauer - 200 seeds

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Kohlrabi Delikatess Blauer (Brassica oleracea convar. Acephala var. Gongylodes) is a vegetable rich in vitamins and extremely tasty, which can also be eaten raw. This delicate, purple-colored variety is prized mainly for its long shelf life.

In the case of Delikatess Blauer kohlrabi, we should start sowing seeds in early spring or early summer (depending on whether we intend to harvest it early or late). The recommended spacing is 20 x 30 cm. An ideal position for this plant will be fertile, heavy and moist soil with high permeability. The harvest depends on the sowing date, so it falls on the period from June to October. It should be borne in mind that although this variety is not afraid of delicate frosts, it cannot be called frost-resistant.

The tasty, purple color encourages you to reach for this variety, and the huge amount of vitamin C, as well as other essential elements, will effectively take care of our health and immunity, so that we can enjoy the taste of kohlrabi while eating it both raw and cooked.

Contains 2 gram or around 200 seeds

Brassica oleracea convar. Acephala var. Gongylodes
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