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Kohlrabi Delikatess Weisser seeds

Kohlrabi Delikatess Weisser seeds

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Delikatess weisser is a medium early variety of kohlrabi with fairly large, spherical bulges with white flesh. It is recommended for the soil, it is quite easy to grow and should not be difficult for even a novice gardener. Importantly, the beads do not tend to quickly wood, their flesh is juicy and tender for a long time. They are primarily suitable for direct consumption, but can also be baked, stewed or fried. They are a very valuable source of many vitamins and mineral salts, and also have medicinal properties - they mainly protect against cancer.

Name: kohlrabi Delikates weisser

Latin name: Brassica oleracea convar. acephala var. gongylodes Delikatess weisser

Vegetation period: medium early variety, full ripeness occurs on average 35-40 days after planting the seedling

Life form: a biennial plant

Foliage: Medium-sized leaves are embedded on long petioles.

Form: Leaves with long petioles grow out of a globular thickening, forming a rosette.

Thickening: Delikatess weisser creates spherical, light green swells, inside of which there is a very tasty, juicy, brittle white flesh showing low tendency to wooding.

Application: This is an extremely tasty variety, which is recommended for direct consumption as an addition to salads and salads. It can also be boiled, baked or fried in butter. Kohlrabi leaves are also suitable for food, can be eaten raw in salads or used to make soups, sauces or stuffed cabbage.

Frost resistance: Like other kohlrabi, Delikatess weiserr is characterized by quite good resistance to low temperatures, it can withstand drops to -5 ° C.

Position: Kohlrabi prefers a sunny, warm and quiet position with fertile, well-drained, moderately moist and nutrient-rich soil. It reacts badly to changes in the reaction of the medium.

Plant spacing: 20-30 x 20-30 cm

Harvest time: Delicate kohlrabi is harvested from September to October, depending on the date of sowing and planting.

The package contains 2 grams of seeds.
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