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Large Flower Meadow Daisy Red 100 seeds

Large Flower Meadow Daisy Red 100 seeds

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Edible Flowers - The meadow daisy delights us with small, white flowers, and not everyone knows that they are edible. They have a slightly spicy, herbal flavor, young flowers can be used in their entirety, while older flowers are only torn off the petals. They will work best as an addition to salads, especially with lettuce, spinach and radishes. The charming flowers can also be used to decorate cakes and desserts. The tea prepared from dried flowers is recommended for atherosclerosis, fever and upper respiratory tract diseases.

Daisy is an undemanding plant. It grows well in full sun and partial shade. Fertile, well-drained and moderately moist soils will suit it. We can easily obtain a meadow daisy from seeds that are sown in early summer or spring. Plants bloom continuously all summer until fall, but will not bloom until the second growing year. We collect small, freshly developed flowers because they are more delicate in taste. They can be used immediately after harvest or dried in a dark place.

Each package contains 0.2 g or around 100 seeds

Bellis perennis Red
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