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Large-Flowered Godetia Purple 100 seeds

Large-Flowered Godetia Purple 100 seeds

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The large-flowered godetia blooms from July to September. Its decorative flowers, 5 to 8 cm in diameter, are similar to those of azaleas. They can be single or full, with intense colors: pink, amaranth, salmon, red, lilac, cream or white. There are also varieties with two-color flowers that have a spot in the center of the petal or a colored base of the petals.
The large-flowered godetia is an easy plant to grow, but when choosing it for the garden, you have to remember that it is sensitive to rain, which destroys the very delicate flower petals of godecja, causing shorter flowering time. Large-flowered cultivation should be grown in sunny and wind-protected places. The soil should be fertile and not too dry. After flowering begins, the plant should be fed with liquid fertilizers - these treatments will prolong flowering. The large-flowered mite is propagated by seeds sown directly into the ground from mid-April. After emergence, the seedlings should be torn. Godecja blooms 8-10 weeks after sowing the seeds. Large-leaved Godetia is recommended for planting in groups in garden beds, it also works well as borders. Also suitable for cut flower.

1 gram or around 100 seeds

Godetia grandiflora
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