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Large-flowered Pansy - Black King, Blue, Purple, White Var, fresh, easy to grow

Large-flowered Pansy - Black King, Blue, Purple, White Var, fresh, easy to grow

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White and Purple Eye

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Black King pansy is a biennial plant with large, black or dark purple flowers, which reaches a height of approx. 15-20 cm. Flowering falls from early spring to late autumn. Grown on beds, flowerbeds and in containers on balconies and for spring decoration. The most suitable position is a fully sunny or partially shaded place with well-drained, moist and nutrient-rich soil. The Black King variety is fully resistant to freezing temperatures, so it can be grown without any obstacles throughout the year. These inconspicuous, filigree plants are used in many different ways. They look great on discounts and borders. Placed in pots and containers, they will be a great variety for balconies and terraces. Very often they are also used to decorate the urban space: parks, squares and around public buildings delight us with the presence of violets. Black King pansy has all the features that an exemplary plant should have. His intensely black flowers will surely lead us in delight, and in combination with other varieties and species will make a beautiful composition. It will also be a chance for us to show ingenuity and taste.

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