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Large-flowered Pansy - Brown with a Yellow spot

Large-flowered Pansy - Brown with a Yellow spot

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Large-flowered Pansy is a small, two-year-old plant with large, two-colored, original flowers, whose yellow spot with black lines is surrounded by a mahogany border of several millimeters. Its flowering falls from the period from early spring to late autumn. It is used for discounts, flower beds and for containers. This filigree plant reaches about 15-20 cm in height. It is extremely easy to grow and undemanding, which translates into very high popularity of this species. However, it is best to plant it on moderately fertile, well-drained soil in a sunny position. We gain confidence that growth and development will go perfectly. Large-flowered pansies are not afraid of frost - without any problems they are wintering in the ground in our climate. The biggest advantage of the plant is its versatile use. Pansies belong to the most sought after ornamental plants and their presence is common. We will meet them at discounts, in gardens, in boxes and containers, by driveways and paths. It is sometimes used to decorate urban areas, overgrows flower pots and flower beds, and is used to diversify parks. There are plenty of applications, and it all depends on the idea and commitment. By choosing seeds of large-flowered pansy - even being a complete amateur - we gain confidence in at least one issue - no matter where we plant it, it will certainly adapt well.

The package contains 0.4 grams of seeds.

Viola x wittrockiana

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