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Leek Golem 100 seeds

Leek Golem 100 seeds

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Leek Golem (Allium porrum) is resistant to cold, has a distinct taste and aroma, and is characterized by unparalleled vigor: its pseudo-stems are 40-50 cm long. This cultivar, appreciated by allotment gardeners, has an upright habit, slightly outlined bulbous bulbs and closely adjacent, intensely green leaves. They contain exceptionally high doses of vitamins, macro- and microelements as well as essential oils with a disinfecting effect, stimulating the appetite and improving digestion. The pleasant onion aroma and slightly spicy, intense flavor of the leek Golem make it an excellent addition to meats, egg dishes, cheese and salads with mayonnaise. Pseudo-stems with leaves can also be frozen, and after cutting - dried.

We grow the offered variety for late-summer and autumn harvesting. You can start producing seedlings in your home in early spring, in the spring - on the seedbed. In order to obtain long, strong, valuable pseudo-stalks, let's devote the leeks to a position with moist, moderately cohesive, permeable soil rich in humus, in the first year after fertilization with compost or in the second year after manure. Plants tolerate frosts down to -7 ° C, so you can harvest them until November.

The package contains 1 g. Around 100 seeds.

Allium porrum
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