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Leek Herbstriesen 2 100 Seeds

Leek Herbstriesen 2 100 Seeds

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Leek Herbstriesen 2 - medium early (Allium porrum) annual plant grown for summer or autumn harvest. Medium early variety, perfect for wintering in the ground and long storage, without losing any of its advantages. It has a long pseudo-stem that can be 25-30 cm long. They are quite thick but do not form a distinct onion. The edible part is white pseudo-stems, dark green rather short leaves are usually not used. Leeks are mainly eaten fresh as an ingredient of salads, soup vegetables, they can also be dried and frozen. It is a very dietary vegetable characterized by high taste and nutritional values. It is a rich source of vitamin C and those from group B, and mineral salts.Leek is an undemanding and almost reliable plant, it only needs an adequate amount of water and a substrate rich in nutrients and humus. It grows best in a sunny place. This vegetable is grown by sowing directly into the ground or from seedlings. Seedlings are prepared in early March in a heated room, and planted outside in late April and early May. During this period, we can also sow seeds directly to a permanent place. The plants are grown at a distance of 30-50x15-20 cm, so that 2/3 of them are buried in the ground.

Each packet contains 1 g of Herbstriesen 2 leek seeds which is about 100 Seeds.

Allium porrum

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