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Leek Tango 100 seeds

Leek Tango 100 seeds

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Leek Tango Winter - late, well wintering (Allium porrum) is an ideal variety for growing in autumn and early spring. In addition to above-average frost resistance, it is characterized by excellent fertility and unsurpassed crop quality. It develops long, fairly broad pseudo-stalks with numerous, dark green, long and highly concentrated leaves. Leek Blauwgroene Winter is recommended for consumption in fresh form, for preserves and frozen food. Its leaves have a pleasant, onion flavor, are rich in disinfecting essential oils, provitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C, they also contain numerous micro- and macroelements.

Sowing seeds of the offered variety is carried out in early spring into pots, mini-seeders and on sowing pallets. It is also possible to grow directly from the exposed soil in mid-spring. For seedlings or seeds, it pays to allocate a place with soil maintained in high culture, loosened, moist and fertile, preferably in the second year after manure. Nicely grown leaves full of valuable nutrients can be harvested in autumn, October, November and December, or in early spring - in April.

Each pack contains 1 g of Tango Winter leek seeds. Around 100 seeds.
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