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Limnantes Yellow and White Seeds

Limnantes Yellow and White Seeds

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Yellow-White Limnantes (Limnanthes douglasii) is a charming annual plant that blooms all summer. The great advantage of this species is very fast growth, flowers appear after two months after emergence. Numerous branchy shoots cover small, intensely green leaves. Tufts very quickly cover with a mass of small yellow in the center and white at the edges, cup-shaped flowers. This is a fantastic ground cover, it can be planted on the banks of the rebate, in rock gardens and in containers. The flowers have a pleasant and delicate aroma, attract bees and many other useful insects to our garden.

Undemanding and very easy to grow species, plants can be obtained from seeds without major problems. Importantly, they can be sown directly into the ground. We sow Limnantes in the spring, where it will eventually grow. Sunrises occur after 2 weeks. This species often spreads itself so it can appear also in the next season. It works on any soil, but prefers fertile, moist but well-drained soil. It is good to choose sunny places for its cultivation.

Each pack contains 1 g of yellow-white Limnantes seeds.
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