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Lobelia Cape Carmine 100 Seeds

Lobelia Cape Carmine 100 Seeds

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Cape carmine-red Lobelia (Lobelia erinus) is an extremely effective and reliable annual plant. It creates tight, spherical clumps composed of strongly branching shoots. Reaches small size, height about 10-15 cm. It delights with the mass of tiny, carmine-red flowers that develop throughout the summer. These colorful cushions will look great on the edges of flower beds, on rockeries or as a background for other plants. We can use them as filling in compositions created in boxes and pots.

Lobelia seeds are sown in early spring in containers or boxes placed indoors. They are very small, so we do not cover them and use a light, well-prepared substrate for cultivation. After a few weeks, pluck the seedlings into small pots or on pallets. Replant the lobelia to the garden when the danger of frost is over, keeping the clumps 15-20 cm apart. The reptile prefers sunny positions and rich, moist soil. In particularly warm months, it requires regular watering, it will pay off with abundant flowering.

Each package contains 0.2 g of Cape carmine red lobelia seeds which is about 100 seeds.

Lobelia erinus
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