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Lovage Herb 100 Seeds

Lovage Herb 100 Seeds

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Lovage is a perennial plant that grows up to 2 m in height. It is characterized by pale yellow, nectarious flowers gathered in multi-stem complex umbels. The smell of lovage is reminiscent of a soup spice. The plant feels best in a sunny position. It is worth that the soil on which it grows is fertile and rich in calcium and humus. It is resistant to negative temperatures; it should not be damaged by severe winter frosts in Poland. It blooms in high summer, in late July and early August. Lovage is used, inter alia, as a spice plant, both fresh and dried. Fresh leaves are added to soups, sauces and minced meat. Dried rhizomes are suitable for stews, tripe, poultry and lamb. It tastes great in combination with other herbs, such as marjoram. In addition, it improves the digestive tract and increases the appetite. When grown at home for personal use, one plant should cover all needs. Apart from its spicy properties, lovage is also used for medicinal purposes. It has a lot of ingredients needed by the body, it works, among others expectorant, it is also recommended in the case of ailments related to the urinary system. In folk medicine and in traditional beliefs, lovage was used in the form of an aphrodisiac, it was credited with increasing potency and based on it, amorous decoctions were created.

The package contains 0.5 grams of seeds which is about 100 seeds

levisticum officinalis

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