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Love Tree - Judas Tree - Edible Flowers - 20 Seeds

Love Tree - Judas Tree - Edible Flowers - 20 Seeds

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Love Tree

The package contains 20 seeds with instructions for sowing and further breeding.

love tree has unusual edible and fragrant pink or purple-pink flowers gathered in clusters that grow straight from the bark, which is a characteristic feature only for this species. The flowering period of love tree falls in April and May, the flowers appear on young twigs, old shoots, branches and trunks, creating "colorful spots" of flowers, which gives an amazing effect unprecedented in other plants. In the fall, the leaves of the plant turn red.

According to legend, the name of the tree "Judas" was created after the death of the biblical Judas, who hanged himself on this tree, when he turned out to be a traitor.

love tree has edible flowers with a sweet taste that can be used in the preparation of your dishes or eaten directly from the tree.

It is a very interesting plant that grows up to 3 - 4 m high, which pleases the eye all year round. blooms in the 3rd - 4th year of cultivation, I recommend this plant to all gardening enthusiasts. In our climate, the love tree is completely frost-resistant and frost-resistant, it can withstand a temperature drop down to - 25 ° C.

Sowing seeds and growing:

Sowing seeds all year round in containers, pour the seeds with hot water (60 C) and soak for 24 hours to make them swell, then sow them into pots with ordinary garden soil and put them in a warm place (e.g. for an inspection or on a window sill). Plant the annual seedlings in pots, and replace them permanently in the second year of cultivation.

Pocket contains 20 seeds

Cercis Siliquastrum

Judas tree or Mediterranean redbud or love tree

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