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Mallow Flower Mixed Colors 50 Seeds

Mallow Flower Mixed Colors 50 Seeds

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The mallow flower is an ideal plant. Undemanding, profusely and long flowering. One-year-old mallow is a bull's-eye for every garden. The beauty from southern Europe belongs to the mallow family, just like the popular mallow.

Mallow seed mix is ​​a must-have in spring seed shopping. You can also find it in the rich offer of our store.

Mallow is a plant that grows up to one meter and has a wide habit. Like most members of this family, it is covered with coarse hairs of white or gray color. Large, heart-shaped, three or five-flap leaves, light green. The main advantage of the plant is flowers. Large, in the shape of a wide cup, with a distinct, darker veining, they resemble exotic hibiscus. Despite the colors limited to white and pink-purple shades, it loses absolutely nothing of its attractiveness. Numerous, five-petalled flowers with a satin sheen delight with their simplicity and grace. Swallowtail is an ideal solution for the back of flower beds, flower rows, plantings near walls, fences and fences. It will be a delightful veil from curious neighbors. When sown in groups, it will present itself phenomenally on the lawn. It works well as a plant that fills empty spaces after early perennials and spring bulbs. Picturesque clumps of marshmallow are a perfect complement to a rural garden. If we want, we can sow mallow plants as large plants in containers. We can use flowers to make bouquets. The composition in pastel colors will add romance to even austere interior. It stays fresh for a long time as a cut flower.

Three-month-old mallow, as the name of this flower translated from Latin would sound like, grows best in slightly shaded or sunny places. It will grow well in less fertile soils, and it will bloom even better. He doesn't like drought. We sow the seeds directly into the ground. After sunrise, we stop. It blooms in late summer - July - October.

Strongly growing, unrefined, hardy - these are the advantages for which it is worth buying mallows seeds today!
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