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Marjoram 500 Seeds

Marjoram 500 Seeds

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Marjoram is an annual plant with a pleasant aroma reaching a height of about 25 - 30 cm. It is characterized by a highly branched stem and ovoid leaves. Its flowering falls from July to October. It is grown from seedling or by sowing straight into the ground. The site for cultivation should be sunny, whereas calcareous and light soil. Due to its origin, marjoram is not able to withstand winter in the ground in our climatic conditions - the first autumn frosts effectively inhibit its life processes. Requires watering during periods of water shortage. Its dried leaves are used to season soups, minced meat, poultry and fish. It owes its popularity to its characteristic spicy taste, which works especially well when enriching it with heavy-digestible dishes. Extract from the plant is used in pharmacy to make marjoram ointment that treats runny nose. This plant is also, among others, effective help in problems with the digestive system, a prescription for coughing and a way to improve the condition of the skin. In addition to the huge number of medicinal and culinary uses, marjoram can also be a nice ornament. His presence in the garden or on the windowsill in the room will bring with it a breath of freshness and nature and will make the area more friendly.

The package contains 1 gram or around 500 seeds

Origanum majorana

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