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Medical Lavender 200 seeds

Medical Lavender 200 seeds

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Medical lavender is a perennial plant reaching a height of up to approx. 50 cm. It has evergreen, lanceolate, gray-green and fragrant leaves, as well as tubular, blue-violet flowers gathered in protruding ears. The best time to sow seeds on pallets under covers will be the period from March to June, while the permanent place in July - September. The most suitable place for growing lavender will be a sunny, quiet place with well-drained, dry soil rich in calcium. In our country, lavender does not show complete frost resistance during the winter. To tolerate negative temperatures well, additional protection is required. The period of its flowering is the turn of July and August. Lavender requires cyclical pruning after flowering. It is used as a medicinal, spice, fragrance and decorative plant. As a spice, together with cząb, dill and sage, it is used for meat and fish dishes. Lavender also plays an extremely important role in the entire perfume industry, being the basis of many resources. In terms of health, it has, among other things, sedative and anesthetic properties. Its beautiful, purple flowers can wonderfully decorate the space and delight, especially if the plant has been planted in large groups. All this affects the versatility of lavender and should convince us of the benefits of having this valuable plant in your own garden.

The package contains 0.2 grams, around 200 seeds.

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