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Medical Ruta graveolens / herb-of-grace / 50 seeds / non GMO

Medical Ruta graveolens / herb-of-grace / 50 seeds / non GMO

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Ruta is an evergreen, bushy, compact semi-shrub with aromatic, nicely divided, blue foliage.
The plant produces clusters of small, mustard-yellow flowers in the summer. Yellow-flowering perennial reaches a height of 40 to 60 cm. Its bitter, blue-green leaves are used as an addition to salads and oriental dishes. Rue extracts have an antispasmodic effect, stimulate menstruation, and are used in the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis. In addition, ruta also has high decorative qualities, which is largely due to its lush flowering. The goal of anyone who decides to cultivate plants is their best growth and development, and this effect will be achieved by growing it in a sunny, warm position with light and permeable soil. Rue is one of those species that do not care for cold winters - in our climatic conditions it will survive in the ground without any major problems until spring, without any help from us. The simplicity of care and a number of health benefits of using this plant undoubtedly make it more and more popular and more and more often we can come across it in home gardens. An additional advantage is the above-average durability, which in combination gives a dripping mixture that each of us should treat ourselves to.

Contains 0.2 grams or around 50 seeds

Ruta graveolens
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