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Medical Sage 100 seeds

Medical Sage 100 seeds

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Medical sage is a perennial Mediterranean plant that can be approx. 50 - 80 cm tall. It is a spice plant used, among others, in for soups, sauces and meat dishes. For this purpose, dried young leaves and tops of shoots are used. Due to its strong, distinctive flavor, it should be used in small amounts. Its main advantage, however, is its healing properties: sage is an excellent astringent anti-inflammatory agent, it also helps with digestive problems and supports the work of the liver. In the form of an infusion, it soothes inflammation of the mouth, gums and throat. Sowing seeds should be carried out in early spring in boxes under covers or directly into the ground in May. Medicinal sage prefers dry, calcareous soils and a sunny position. It belongs to the plants resistant to negative temperatures in the Polish climate zone, but it is worth protecting it before the onset of winter. In addition to its spice and healing properties, sage is also simply a pretty plant that can effectively raise the level of aesthetics in the area in which it is located. It can be grown in a garden, in a perennial bed and in rock gardens. There are many benefits of having sage - it is especially recommended to grow it independently in the garden or on the windowsill, because then we will gain constant, unhindered access to the plant.


The package contains 1 gram or around 100 seeds


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