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Garden Bells - mix colors 200 seeds

Garden Bells - mix colors 200 seeds

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Bell Medium mixed colors (Campanula medium) is one of the most beautiful species straight from idyllic rural gardens. This easy-to-grow biennial plant grows up to 70-90 cm tall and has large flowers in the form of bulky bells, collected in a very long, dense, gnarled inflorescence. The mix of colorful varieties offered in our store contains seeds of flowering plants in white and in pastel shades of pink and purple. The soaring, graceful bell Medium is a great decoration for flower beds, flower beds and free perennial groups. It blooms in full summer - from June to August - and works great as a material for fresh bouquets. It is worth compiling it, among others with cornflowers, mallow, decorative sunflowers, gillyflowers and phloxes.An important advantage of the Medium bell, also simply called the garden bell, is its trouble-free cultivation. Seedlings can be produced both at home and on a seedbed in spring or early summer. We move the seedlings to a prepared position in September so that they can acclimatize before the onset of winter. Let's choose a warm, sunny position with sufficiently moist and humus soil, preferably fertilized with compost, humus or mineral preparations for flowering plants.

The package contains 1 g or around 200 seeds

Campanula medium

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