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Melon Junior F1 Extremely Tasy 20 Seeds

Melon Junior F1 Extremely Tasy 20 Seeds

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Melon Junior F1 - orange flesh, thick and aromatic (Cucumis melo) is an early-yielding variety with large, beautifully colored and extremely tasty fruit. As a heterosis hybrid, the plant is highly resistant to diseases (it is completely resistant to downy mildew), and it also yields reliably both in open ground and in a foil tunnel or greenhouse. Its slightly ovate fruit in a thick, intensely yellow skin with a dense white mesh on the surface, when cut, shows the richness of thick, juicy, very sweet orange flesh. They are excellent as a healthy, refreshing dessert on hot days, especially as they contain many vitamins, pectin and mineral salts, including magnesium, iron and iodine.

In our climate, melons are grown from seedlings, the production of which can be started in early spring, even in the apartment - it is worth having a mini-nursery for this purpose, which will guarantee an optimal microclimate for germinating seeds and seedlings. Young plants should be planted into the ground or under cover when they produce a few pairs of leaves, not earlier than mid-May. Melon Junior F1 needs a fertile, humus substrate with good water capacity, not too compact and not confluent. Its fruit ripens best in full sun. You can collect them at the earliest in mid-July, while the last ones are suitable for consumption in late summer, in September.

Each packet contains 1.5 g of Junior F1 melon seeds with an orange, thick, aromatic flesh.

Cucumis melo
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