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Melon Oliwine 20 Seeds

Melon Oliwine 20 Seeds

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Olivine is one of the few melon varieties that succeed in our climatic conditions. It is indifferent to cold weather and works well not only under covers, but also in soil covered with foil. It is also characterized by exceptional fertility - it produces spherical-shaped fruits, the weight of which can be even 1 kg. Their skin is quite thick and smooth, light yellow in color. Underneath it is a light green, aromatic, buttery flesh, very thick and tasty. The fruit yield can be as high as 15-20 t / ha.

Growing a melon takes a bit of patience. First of all, seedlings must be produced first - the seeds are sown in April. Later, at the end of May or June, the seedlings are placed in their final location. The fruits can be harvested at the turn of August and September.

The seeds in the package weigh 2g total which is about 20 seeds.

Cucumis melo L.
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