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Mexican Colored Corn 30 Seeds

Mexican Colored Corn 30 Seeds

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Mexican colored corn is an annual plant, reaching a height of approx. 120 - 180 cm. Its cultivation is carried out because of the seed heads - the cobs filled with multicolored grains. They are used, among others, for compositions and bouquets, both fresh and dry. Sowing seeds should be carried out around the middle of May, several pieces at a depth of 3-4 cm. The preferred position for ornamental maize is a warm and fully sunny place with fertile soil, rich in nutrients. It is also worth to somehow protect the plant from the harmful activity of the wind. Its resistance to low temperatures ends when the barrier of zero degrees is crossed - below this limit, the development of the ornamental maize plant is stopped. Its use is purely decorative. We can use its flasks for any occasional compositions and combine it with other plants, fruits, etc. The use of this variety depends only on the creativity of the owner. The plant reaches its optimal appearance in the fall of September and October.

The package contains 10 g of seeds which is about 30 seeds.

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