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Mint Round-Leaved 100 Seeds

Mint Round-Leaved 100 Seeds

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Everyone knows mint - it is a beneficial herb with many different uses. Round-leaved mint, in addition to its relaxing and analgesic properties and its beneficial effect on the digestive system, is perfect for making refreshing drinks, all thanks to the tasty apple aroma of its leaves. The plant offered in our store is also characterized by high decorative value. It creates dense, hemispherical tufts, and its shoots are densely covered with small, hairy, round leaves, bright green in color. The target height of representatives of this species is 50-60 cm.We can sow mint seeds directly on a flower bed or in a container. The plant needs a fairly moist, but not too heavy substrate, rich in humus. Universal soil works well for pot cultivation. It requires unrestricted access to sunlight. Round-leaved mint is easy to grow and tolerates frosts well if it grows in a quiet place. Its leaves should be collected from August to October.

The package contains 0.1 g of seeds which is about 100 seeds.

Mentha rotundifolia

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