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Monarda Mix Colors Bee Balm Monarda didyma 50 seeds

Monarda Mix Colors Bee Balm Monarda didyma 50 seeds

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Monarda, Bee Balm double (Monarda didyma) - this mixture is an impressive perennial, blooming persistently and spectacularly throughout the summer. It develops stiff, thin, branched shoots 60-100 cm long, rising vertically surrounded by numerous, narrow, fragrant leaves. On their tops there are characteristic inflorescences in the form of round heads, decorated with numerous, elongated, radially embedded petals. The mixture offered in our store can be used to obtain a beautiful composition of white, red and pink flowers. Plants remain decorative from late June until September.

Sowing seeds should be carried out for inspection either on the sowing tray in April or early May. Seedlings are recommended to be transferred to their destination in August or September after they have been quilted. Plants winter well and bloom reliably every year. They are not particularly demanding in terms of the type of soil, the substrate must not be too dry and barren. The monardy vigor is positively influenced by the abundance of moisture in the soil. Monards will present itself particularly well in a larger cluster in the background of a rebate or around a water reservoir.

Each packet contains 0.1 g or around 50 seeds of monarda seeds, and a mixture of monarda seeds.
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