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Moravan Dill 5 grams Seeds

Moravan Dill 5 grams Seeds

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Garden dill Moravan (Anethum graveolens) is one of the earlier, very fertile varieties with extremely intensely colored, delicate, beautifully fragrant leaves. It develops straight, stiff shoots with densely set, feathery leaves in dark green with a slightly bluish shade. It is worth picking them for use as a medicinal herb for digestive problems or fresh seasoning for potatoes, meats and soups. The advantage of Moravan garden fennel is its late striking in the seed shoots, thanks to which its fresh leaves are fit for use for a long time.

It is best to sow fennel seeds in rows on the vegetable garden or in a row between other vegetables. Cultivation can be started in spring or summer. The seed needs heat and moisture to germinate, and the fast-growing dill develops most rapidly on humus, fertile and non-drying soil, but not too heavy. Its aromatic leaves break off several times, from May to October, depending on the sowing date.

Each packet contains 5 g of Moravan dill seeds.
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