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Mosquito Repelling TAPE Flower Mix 6 meters 20 feet

Mosquito Repelling TAPE Flower Mix 6 meters 20 feet

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The anti mosquito mixture is a unique composition of 50 species of herbs and flowering annual and perennial plants that emit essential oils that repel nuisance mosquitoes. Plants differ in habit and height, as well as in the structure and colour of flowers and leaves. The flowers bloom in May and remain on plants until the first frost. You can create multi coloured borders around terraces, gazebos, lawn edges and other places for evening relaxation in the garden. They are also good for potting on balconies and terraces. Many of the species included in the mixture, in addition to their insect repellent and ornamental function, are also edible plants that can be a tasty addition to many dishes.The seed tape is a simple and convenient way to create borders in your garden. The tape ensures precise sowing of seeds at an equal depth and appropriate distance. From February to May, the strips with seeds are placed directly in the moist substrate, to a depth of approx. 0.5 cm. Plants should be grown in a sunny position so that the aroma they emit is as intense as possible.

The package contains 6 meters or around 20 feet of anti-mosquito mix seed tape. Ready to be planted directly into soil.

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