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Mossy Primula Mix 100 seeds

Mossy Primula Mix 100 seeds

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The mossy primula is an attractive plant with pleasantly smelling flowers in various colors. It will enliven the garden from the beginning of spring, adding expressiveness and color to it. It must also not be forgotten that it is not difficult to grow, so even a novice gardener can handle it.Name: mossy primroseLatin name: Primula x pubescensLife form: perennialHeight: The plant grows up to approx. 20-30 cm in height.Type of flowers: Creates quite large flowers (approx. 3-4 cm in diameter) which, when gathered in a few, form into inflorescences - umbels.Flower color: What is characteristic of this species are white or yellow eyes in the center of the flowers. The petals can take on various expressive colors - light yellow, yellow, orange, pale pink, red or dark burgundy.Flowering period: The mossy primrose begins flowering only in the second growing year, and usually blooms from March to June.Foliage: The leaves grow at the bottom of a short stem to form a rosette, are light green, fleshy and have smooth margins.Habit: upright - medium 20 cm stems are surrounded by a rosette of leaves, with large, colorful inflorescences on top of them.Application: Mossy primrose available for sale in our store is an excellent perennial for planting flower beds. Planted in groups, in the vicinity of other species, it will create a wonderful composition in a wide range of colors. It will also work well as an element of a rock garden. Grown in pots or containers, although modestly built, it will effectively decorate many interior, balcony or terrace.Frost resistance: It is a completely frost resistant plant.Position: The best place to grow will be a semi-shaded or shady position with a fairly heavy, loamy, permeable, humus-rich soil that retains water well and is rich in nutrients. It will also grow well in a sunny place, as long as the substrate is sufficiently moist.Date of sowing and planting: Seeds can be sown under cover from April to May, and planting is in August-September.Spacing: The best spacing for plants is 20 x 30-35 cm.Disease and pest resistance: The plant is usually not infected by diseases and pests.

The package contains 0.1 g of seeds, around 100

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