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Nantes 3 Carrot 400 Seeds

Nantes 3 Carrot 400 Seeds

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Carrot Nantes 3 (Nantejska) - medium early (Daucus carota) is a variety that reaches maturity in the medium early term, it is grown for harvesting in summer and autumn. The roots are intended for direct consumption or storage. It creates long, straight beads with a nice cylindrical shape. The appetizing flesh has an intense orange color and is rich in beta-carotene and vitamins. Carrots, which are delicate and brittle, contain large amounts of sugar. Sweet in taste, they will be an appetizing addition to dishes, whether served cold or hot. We will use them to make healthy and delicious juices, salads, and purees.

Undemanding and easy to grow carrots are a perfect vegetable for every owner of a garden or plot. Carrot seeds are sown directly into the ground from mid-March to mid-May. The seed material available for sale in our store has been covered with special coatings, which ensures optimal conditions for germination. This treatment also protects plants during emergence against diseases and soil pests. We grow carrots in rows every 25-40 cm. The roots will be fine and shapely if we provide them with enough space, so carrots should grow every 5-8 cm. The best crops are obtained on light soils, rich in nutrients and water.

Each package contains 400 Nantes 3 (Nantes) coated carrot seeds

Daucus carota
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