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Nettle Dried Leaves Tea BIO Organic 100g 3.52 oz

Nettle Dried Leaves Tea BIO Organic 100g 3.52 oz

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Nettle is perhaps the most famous herbal plant. For centuries it served as food for humans and animals, it was used as an industrial plant for textiles and dyeing.
Its importance does not decrease at present, and the leaves can be used to prepare a tasty and nutritious infusion, perfect for drinking both cold and warm.

HOW TO USE: Pour 1 teaspoon of nettle leaf with a glass of boiling water and leave it to infuse for 10-15 minutes, covered. Drink 1-2 times a day.

INGREDIENTS: nettle leaf 100% organic farming product

Contains 100 grams or around 3.52 ounces of dried nettle leaves

Urtica dioica

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