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Onion Red Toga Seeds

Onion Red Toga Seeds

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Onion Red Toga (Allium fistulosum) is a very easy to grow, undemanding perennial variety. Unlike common onion, a seven-year-old does not produce large, spherical lumps, but has very long, thick, juicy and lush chives. The narrow, small onion beads of the variety offered in our store have an intense red, attractive color, its leaves, in turn, are dark green.

Seven-year-old Red Toga onion seeds can be sown in seedbed and in the ground in spring and summer, depending on when you want to collect the chives. Plants obtained from spring sowing ensure an abundant crop of thick chives throughout the summer, while summer sowing, in turn, you have to wait for the harvest until next year. The presented variety is a winter hardy, very hardy perennial that spreads by itself. It can also be propagated by dividing the clump in spring and autumn. The seven-year-old goes on fertile soils and those slightly poorer, less rich in humus. Both its bead and chives provide large amounts of B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, phosphorus, sulfur, selenium, magnesium and are a source of aromatic oils with antibiotic properties.

Each packet contains 1 g of onion seeds of seven-year-old Red Toga.
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