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ORGANIC Basil Italiano Classico (Ocimum basilicum) 300 seeds BIO

ORGANIC Basil Italiano Classico (Ocimum basilicum) 300 seeds BIO

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ORGANIC BIO asil Italiano Classico (Ocimum basilicum) is a medium early variety, perfect for growing in containers on sunny window sills.
Basil is a one-plant plant, giving off a spicy cinnamon scent. Is an aromatic herb, which is the basis of Mediterranean cuisine.
The raw material is leaves and herbs, both fresh and dried.
It is a valuable kitchen spice added fresh to cottage cheese, tomato salads, soups and casseroles, as well as rice dishes and stewed vegetables.
Dried basil is added to roasts, fish, legume dishes, pizza and spaghetti.
It goes perfectly with garlic, onion and pepper.
The basil added to dishes facilitates digestion, has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.

Italiano Classico basil can be grown from seeding to the ground or from seedlings. Seeds into the soil are sown in rows at the beginning of May every 30-40 cm. When the plants reach 5-7 cm in height, they are interrupted, leaving 15-20 cm between the plants. For seedling production, the seeds are sown in early spring (late March, early April) for inspection or in boxes in the greenhouse. When the plants have 2-3 leaves, they are quilted. Rosada is planted in the ground in the first half of May, 30x20 cm apart, planting 2-3 plants at one point. Basil harvests are carried out during the flowering period. The first collection is carried out at the turn of July and August, the second at the end of September.

For growing basil, we choose sunny, warm and sheltered from the wind positions. It must be kept moist throughout the entire growing period.

Organic Bazylia Italiano Classico seeds come from organic, GMO-free crops. They were produced without the use of artificial fertilizers or chemical plant protection products. Organic seeds are the perfect choice for everyone who values ​​a healthy lifestyle.

The package contains 0.5 g Organic Basil Italiano Classico Seeds. Around 300 seeds.
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