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ORGANIC BIO Cornichon de Paris cucumber 200 seeds

ORGANIC BIO Cornichon de Paris cucumber 200 seeds

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Plant description: Cornichon de Paris is a cucumber variety whose fruit is best suited for gherkins. This is a typical amateur variety, does not need special efforts and is extremely fertile, so it is really worth introducing it to your home garden. The more that the hand-pickled cucumbers will be much tastier and healthier than those available in stores.Name: Cornichon de Paris cucumberLife form: annual plantFruit: Fruit Cornichon de Paris are typical gherkin cucumbers. They are small, their ratio of length to width is 2.6: 1. Their skin has a light green color, up to 2/3 of their length can be marked with light streaks. Medium-sized warts are scattered along the entire length of the fruit.Harvest time: This medium-early cucumber variety usually ripens in July, but the date of harvesting depends on the time of sowing and growing conditions, so it may fall even until mid-September.Form: Small plants tend to grow and produce numerous lateral shoots. OnUsage: As the name suggests, Cornichon de Paris is a perfect cucumber for gherkins. It is especially suitable because of the slenderness and shape of the fruit. For the same reason, it can be successfully preserved. Cucumber fruits of this variety are particularly suitable for processing - they do not lose their color or firmness in jars. They should also not play pranks in the cultivation - it is rather a fertile, valuable variety, which for a little care pays off with a high yield of good quality.Frost resistance: Cornichon de Paris cucumber is not frost resistant, on the contrary - sensitive to cold.Position: Cucumber of this variety grows best in a sunny and quite warm position. The plant does not like wet soil, so it should be planted on permeable soil. It will feel best on surfaces with high levels of humus.

Spacing: 80-100x15 centimeters

Latin name: Cucumis sativus 'Cornichon de Paris'

The package contains 2g around 200 seeds

Organic seeds produced based on natural methods of growing without

the use of chemical plant protection products, artificial fertilizers. Breeding varieties and all seed production is carried out using traditional methods of reproduction in accordance with the Regulation of the Council of the European Union (EC) No 834/2007 and confirmed by a certificate. IN ACCORDANCE WITH NATURE bio

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