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Organic flax seeds for sprouts 30 grams / 1.06oz

Organic flax seeds for sprouts 30 grams / 1.06oz

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Organic Seeds for sprouts - Flax is a proposal that will allow us to enjoy the health and nutritional value of sprouts on a daily basis.
Flax sprouts contain large amounts of mineral salts, lecithins and vitamins C, E and B. Delicate and pleasant to taste, they taste best raw. They can be used to sprinkle salads, sandwiches, cottage cheese, just before serving, you can decorate it with soup or warm dishes. Sprouts are easy to grow, it is best to grow them yourself using only the highest quality seed. Certified organic seeds available in our store come from traditional crops that do not use artificial fertilizers or chemical protection agents.

In home conditions, we can easily obtain our own flax sprouts. Place the seeds rinsed and soaked in water on a gauze pan or germinator. We place the whole in a warm and bright place, but not in direct sunlight. The condition for successful cultivation is regular watering, the sprouts are rinsed with water at least twice a day, the plants should not stand in the water. Flax sprouts will be suitable for consumption after about 4-7 days.

The package contains 30 grams of Organic Flax Seeds - certified organic seeds.
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