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Organic Radish French Breakfast seeds 5 grams

Organic Radish French Breakfast seeds 5 grams

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Radish French Breakfast 3 (Raphanus sativum var. Sativum) is an early variety, producing oblong (5.5 cm) roots. They are colored red, with a white end and a light, delicate flesh, mild in taste, crispy and resistant to sacking. This variety is ideal for growing in containers on balconies and window sills.

The caloric value of radish is very low (14 kcal), its glycemic index is also low, and 95% of the root mass is water. That is why it is an excellent vegetable for people on slimming diets and for diabetics. Radish roots have a high content of vitamins C, B1 and B2. In addition, they are a rich source of calcium, phosphorus and iron. Bitterness oil, present in radish roots, improves digestive processes. Radish is also credited with hematopoietic effects. It is a great addition to salads, salads, sandwiches and cottage cheese.

French Breakfast Radish 3 is a vegetable with a short vegetation period and low sensitivity to low temperatures. It is grown by sowing seeds directly into the ground from March to August, every 2 weeks to maintain continuity of harvest. Radish is best grown on moist, fertile, humus, neutral soil. You should choose sunny positions. Radish roots are ready for harvest 4 weeks after sowing. Harvesting can be carried out from April to October.

Organic Radish French Breakfast 3 are seeds from organic farming, free from GMOs. They were produced without the use of artificial fertilizers or chemical plant protection products. Organic BIO seeds are the perfect choice for everyone who values ​​a healthy lifestyle.

The package contains 5 grams of Organic Radish French Breakfast seeds
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