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Ornamental Beans d'Espagne - 6 seeds - Decorative

Ornamental Beans d'Espagne - 6 seeds - Decorative

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Decorative beans d'Espagne - mixture (Phaseolus coccineus) is the leader among annual easy-to-grow vines. The ornamental bean seed mix offered in our store contains seed from white and red flowering plants. The flowers appear from June to September, are butterfly-shaped, large and numerous. Due to the contrasting color, they look beautiful among green leaves. The ornamental d'Espagne beans grow up to approx. 4 m in height, and because it has twisting, slack stems, it can climb high supports. The proposed mixture is perfect for growing near pergolas and nets, and if we provide it with a frame on which it can climb, it will effectively cover e.g. a less aesthetic garage wall.

The seeds of the d'Espagne ornamental beans should be sown directly on the site in the second half of spring, after the last frost has passed. Let's take care of the good permeability of the substrate - it should be dug and loosened, enriched with compost, and, if necessary, also with de-acidified peat. The plant grows the fastest and blooms most profusely in full sun. Due to its low requirements, rapid growth rate and excellent vigor, it is perfect for beginner gardening enthusiasts.

Contains 6 seeds

Phaseolus coccineus
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