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Ornamental Corn "Strawberry" 10 seeds

Ornamental Corn "Strawberry" 10 seeds

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Is it corn or strawberry? You will surely hear such a question from people visiting your garden more than once, if you sow ornamental strawberry maize in it. This extremely original variety awakens many plant enthusiasts. Its characteristic feature is small cobs composed of shiny red kernels which form in late summer. Decorative strawberry corn not only perfectly decorates the garden, but also fits into various interior arrangements - it is suitable for creating interesting dry compositions.Sow the seeds into the ground in May - it is recommended to sow after the spring frosts. The species grows well in any type of soil as long as it is fertile, well-drained and calcareous.

The package contains 3 g of high-quality ornamental strawberry maize seeds.

Zea Japonica

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