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Ornamental Sunflower Red Sun 10 seeds

Ornamental Sunflower Red Sun 10 seeds

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The ornamental sunflower (Helianthus annus) is the most impressive annual plant. The Red Sun variety reaches a height of 150-200 cm. It creates long, unbranched stems, on top of which in July bloom red-brown flower baskets with a dark eye, 12-15 cm in diameter. The flowers last for a very long time, until October. It is used to cover walls, fences and unsightly walls of buildings. It blends in extremely picturesque with mallow, delphiniums, other annual plants and many ornamental shrubs. It can also be used as a cut flower to keep the vase fresh for a long time. The inflorescences that fade in autumn and the setting seeds are food for the birds. In addition to aesthetic functions, sunflower flowers are used in herbal medicine as a medicine that reduces fever, facilitates digestion, and in the form of compresses also soothes swellings and bruises. The sunflower is also a very valuable honey plant.Red Sun sunflower seeds are sown from April to May into the ground in a permanent place immediately, placing the seeds of 2 at a point every 50 cm. You can also prepare seedlings for covers, sowing seeds in April in pots. The seedlings are planted into the ground in May, with a spacing of 50 x 50 cm. For cultivation, choose a sunny position, warm and sheltered from the wind (e.g. with high fences or walls of buildings) and fertile and moist soil.

10 seeds

Helianthus annus

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