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Oxeye Daisy White - 300 seeds

Oxeye Daisy White - 300 seeds

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If you like full, snow-white flowers with basket-shaped inflorescences, a full daisy should appear in your bed. This easy-to-grow perennial grows on average to 60-80 cm. At the same time, it creates raised, stiff and branched shoots, covered at the base with small, lanceolate leaves. Sumptuous inflorescences, composed of numerous snow-white lingual flowers and tiny feathery tubular flowers, open at the end of June and remain nice throughout July and August.

Daisy seeds are sown in the spring in an inspection or on a seedbed, in well-drained and fertile soil. Plants should be transferred to their destination at the end of summer. In order for them to bloom every year, we should provide them with a place with rich, alkaline clay-sandy soil and free access to sunlight. Frost-resistant, full-fledged daisies blend beautifully with all blooming perennials and annuals with vivid colors - yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and purple. They are also perfect as cut flowers, and they stay fresh for a record long time in a vase.

The package contains 1 gram or around 300 seeds

Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
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