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Ożarowski Golden Tomato 100 seeds

Ożarowski Golden Tomato 100 seeds

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The first Polish variety with such an interesting fruit color! Recommended and popular in amateur cultivation. Very tasty. Tall tomato - Golden Ożarów - one of a kind. We recommend the seeds of this outstanding variety for purchase in our store.The high tomato, Golden Ożarowski, is a tomato with constant growth force during the growing season. For this reason, it must be staked. It is best suited for 2-3 shoots. The plant habit is compact. Single clusters with large fruits. The skin is smooth, taut, with a unique, deep orange color. Fruit without heels, relatively hard, does not tend to crack, which extends their shelf life. Tomatoes are spherical in shape, possibly slightly flattened. The flesh is the same color as the skin, it is tasty and aromatic. A small number of seed chambers in the cross section.Due to its interesting appearance, the high tomato, Golden Ożarowski, is eagerly cultivated by gardeners and gardeners. The variety is resistant to diseases, e.g. to tomato mosaic virus, not very troublesome to grow. The fruit is especially recommended for direct consumption. Sun-scented tomatoes are a fantastic ingredient in salads. They will make many meat and vegetarian dishes look attractive. They will be perfect for decorating dishes. As a typical consumption variety, it is not suitable for processing and long storage. The tall tomato, Golden Ożarowski, is a variety worth having in the ranks of your crops at least once. Extremely tasty, served with fresh onion, poured with olive oil and seasoned with herbs, it will be a brilliant complement to the summer menu.Requires a lot of sun, a slightly acidic substrate with a high content of nutrients. Also systematic irrigation and fertilization. The harvest date is from the second decade of July to September.

The seeds of the Golden Ożarowski tall tomato are sold in 0.5 grams or around 100 seeds

Solanum lycopersicum kind

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