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Ożarowski Raspberry Tomato 100 seeds

Ożarowski Raspberry Tomato 100 seeds

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Ożarowski Raspberry Tomato is a variety for everyone, and surrounded seeds guarantee high germination and excellent vigor of seedlings. Ożarowski Raspberry Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), as the name suggests, produces raspberry fruit, which is characterized by an extremely sweet, fleshy flesh in a pink-red color and a thin, delicate skin. The crops obtained from this variety ripen early. Tomatoes have an even shape and size: they weigh 100-120 g, they are spherical-flattened, firm, aromatic and very tasty, delicious for consumption fresh. They are also suitable for all kinds of preserves, especially juices and purees. They contain a lot of vitamin C, potassium and other easily absorbable macro- and microelements.Ożarowski Raspberry Tomato works very well in soil cultivation and in plastic tunnels. Generously fruiting plants need to be steered. To wait for lush crops, you need to prepare raspberry tomatoes a light, well-drained but well-absorbing moisture and rich in humus (fertilized with manure or balanced tomato mineral fertilizer). Seeds are sown in spots into production pots or on pallets, and seedlings are transferred to the destination after the last frosts. The coatings ensure much faster and even emergence, and also facilitate the precise sowing of small tomato seeds.

Each pack contains 100 pieces of seeds surrounded by Ożarowski Raspberry tomato.

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