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Pacific Lark 100 Seeds

Pacific Lark 100 Seeds

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Pacific Lark Pacific Giant (Delphinium x cultorum) is a perennial plant characterized by lush growth and raised habit. It forms dense clumps made of large, palm-lobed leaves and long and thick stems, reaching a height of 100-150 cm. Extremely decorative, spiky inflorescences, built of characteristic blue, white or pink flowers, develop on the tops of the stems from June to August. After pruning the flowering inflorescences, the plants repeat flowering in the fall. Plants look amazing in the garden, especially grown in groups against the background of trees or fences, to which it can be tied. Larkspur flowers can be used for arranging bouquets.Pacific Giant seeds are sown in May - June on a seedbed or in boxes or on pallets under covers. To achieve even emergence, boxes with sown seeds should be placed for a period of 7-10 days in a cool (10 ° C) place. After this time, the boxes should be moved to a room with a temperature of 16 - 20 ° C and grown in this place for 3 weeks. Ready cuttings for permanent place are planted in September, spacing 50 x 50 cm. Plants bloom in the summer of the following year. Permanent larkspur should be grown in a sunny position. It grows very well on average garden soil, sufficiently moist in summer and not flooded in winter. It is characterized by high frost resistance. Young plants perfectly winter without covering. In late autumn, the aerial part of the plants is cut low at the ground.

The package contains 0.2 g or around 100 seeds

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