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Panic Grass (Panicum violaceum) 400 seeds

Panic Grass (Panicum violaceum) 400 seeds

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Panic Grass, highly branched grass from the grass family, which reaches a height of approx. 70 - 100 cm. Its stiff shoots ending with green flowers resemble a brush. At the turn of April and May, the seeds should be sown directly into the ground. The most favorable positions for the development of Panic Grass are full sun and well-drained soil with medium moisture. In the case of a partially shaded place, it will also cope without major problems. The plant is sensitive to negative temperatures, so it is unrealistic to winter in the ground. It begins to bloom in July in summer and lasts until September. Thanks to its characteristic, colorful panicles, it is a valued ornamental plant. It is used, among other things, for discounts, offering a prominent place. The plant is perfect for naturalistic plantings and its inflorescences, after drying, are used for bouquets. A very good solution will be to combine it with other ornamental grasses and other plant species. We can also use it to hide or disguise less representative parts of the yard. Violet millet is one of the species that do not impose high environmental requirements on the potential owner, and its cultivation is also simple.

The package contains 2 grams of seeds. Around 400 seeds

Panicum violaceum
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