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Parsnip Kamo Root 5000 seeds

Parsnip Kamo Root 5000 seeds

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Parsnips is a root vegetable that resembles parsley. However, it surpasses it with nutritional values ​​and a specific spicy-sweet taste, often described as nutty. Lech variety in the "white" type. It produces medium-long, conical-shaped roots without a tendency to fork. The white root color does not darken. The flesh is white and very aromatic. Suitable for direct consumption and processing. It is a perfect addition to soups and salads, as a hot vegetable. It contains a number of substances and vitamins valuable for health. It is anti-inflammatory, diuretic and diastolic. It improves the appetite, supports the circulatory system, prevents the formation of kidney stones, relieves pain and nervous tension, helps with colds.Parsnip seeds are sown in the ground very early in spring, from March to mid-May, they sprout at 5-6⁰C. Young plants can withstand even heavier frosts unscathed. The soil should be humus, well-structured, deeply cultivated, which promotes the development of long and long roots. It requires irrigation in the phase of intensive root growth. Harvesting begins in September and lasts until frost. Parsnips can winter in the ground and be used only in spring. However, they must be protected against freezing.

The package contains 5 grams or around 5000 seeds

Pastinaca sativa

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