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Pear Tomato Red 300 Seeds

Pear Tomato Red 300 Seeds

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Tomato Or Pera d'Abruzzo (Solanum lycopersicum) - ground, pear, large, meaty - is one of the original varieties, particularly highly valued by allotments. Resistant, viable and fertile plants derive from it, which bear numerous fruits both in plastic tunnels and in exposed soil (provided that we devote a quiet, sunny position to them). Tomato Or Pera d'Abruzzo gives birth to pear-shaped fruits with clearly marked ribs, growing up to 250 g in weight. Their flesh is firm, juicy and fleshy, their skin smooth and uniformly red. Sweet, rich in lycopene, provitamin A and vitamin C pear tomatoes are recommended for sandwiches and salads, although you can also prepare purees and other home-made preparations.Sowing seeds for a warm inspection or for production pots is carried out in early spring. In turn, we put the hardened seedling in its designated place after the end of late frosts. We pick and top the plants. Remember that the presented variety is very fertile, so it needs fertile soil, rich in humus and well absorbing water. Its rich, juicy fruit can be harvested about 90 days after planting.

The package contains 0.5 g (around 300 seeds) for Red Pear Tomato.

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