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Peppermint 100 Seeds

Peppermint 100 Seeds

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This perennial plant grows up to about 70 cm tall. Prefers a sunny position with fresh, moderately moist, fertile soil.


Peppermint is a valuable medicinal plant that has been used for generations and has a number of uses. Exhibits choleretic, carminative, antibacterial and slightly calming effect. It is used in digestive problems, in the fight against bile and liver diseases. This is a rich source of essential oils, which includes menthol - it is one of the basic ingredients of toothpastes, chewing gums and mouthwash. It can also be an addition to many dishes and drinks, including thirst quenching lemonade or mojito drink. Dried or fresh leaves can be used as a seasoning for various dishes. Mint blooms from July to August, luring insects - it is a honey plant. Unfortunately, during flowering it loses many valuable ingredients for the production of flowers.

 0.1 grams , around 100 seeds

Mentha piperita

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