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Perfect Baron F1 Tomato Seeds NON GMO

Perfect Baron F1 Tomato Seeds NON GMO

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Baron F1 develops firm, well-filled tomatoes, not susceptible to damage. This early variety, perfect for growing under cover, is characterized by abundant fruiting and a high percentage of commercial yield in the total yield.

Latin name: Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.

Life form: annual plant.

Form: Baron F1 belongs to varieties of unlimited growth type. The plant produces shoots with numerous leaves, but quite a loose habit, so it is not exposed to the development of fungal diseases.

Date of fruiting and harvesting: tomatoes are suitable for harvesting from mid-August to the end of September. The presented variety can also be grown for extended harvesting.

Fruit: large, hard and smooth fruits have very good resistance to cracking. They have a spherical, slightly flattened shape and do not produce a heel. The average weight of Baron F1 tomatoes is from 160 to 180 g, and the diameter of 70% fruit exceeds 6 cm.

Position: warm and sunny position favors setting and even ripening of fruit. Like other tomato varieties, Baron F1 prefers moist, well-drained and humus-rich substrates. Due to the well-developed root system, the plant will also cope well on less fertile soils, only in soil cultivation it will require higher doses of magnesium in the soil.

Spacing: recommended distances between quilted seedlings are 50-90 x 40 cm.

Frost resistance: tomatoes are not resistant to frost.

Application: this versatile variety is suitable for planting in unheated tunnels and greenhouses (also for landless cultivation). Baron F1 can also be successfully run with props on a stand without covers. High yields are obtained from both spring and autumn cultivation. The plant shows high resistance to diseases caused by fungi and viruses. Due to the fruit's tolerance to unfavorable growing conditions, the commercial yield may reach 90% of the total yield.

Each pack contains 0.1 g of seeds
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