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Persian Carpet Zinnia Flower 50 Seeds

Persian Carpet Zinnia Flower 50 Seeds

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Persian zinnia - a mixture (Zinnia angustifolia persian carpet) is a border beauty with a truly exotic charm. Although it is small and in full bloom, it measures only 30-40 cm, it is impossible not to notice it, because it produces sumptuous, full, multi-colored flowers in captivating, contrasting combinations of pink, red, orange and yellow. Pastel shades and juicy, strong tones combine on its petals in a fancy, oriental collage.It is recommended to sow the seeds of Persian Zinnia under cover, in unheated frames and in home mini-pots in early spring. Seedlings with the first true leaves can be transferred to the ground at the turn of spring and summer. In a sunny place, on a permeable, humus-rich substrate, plants will start blooming in July. The offered variety should be planted in front of the house, on a flower border, or in a large group on the lawn, preferably in a frequented place in the garden, which will be persistently decorated until the autumn frosts.

The package contains 0.5 g of Persian Zinnia seeds which is about 50 seeds.

Ziana Augustiflora Persian Carpet

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