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Petunia Hybrida Nana mix colors 100 seeds, fresh, easy to grow

Petunia Hybrida Nana mix colors 100 seeds, fresh, easy to grow

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Our seeds fresh, healthy and have at least 3 years shelf life.
Petunia Hybrida Nana (Petunia hybrida nana) is one of the most popular ornamental plants.
A short plant with a bushy habit grows to a height of 30-40 cm.
A very attractive plant valued for its abundant and very long flowering.
The delicate flowers of low petunia come in many colors, the most popular are white, black, black, pink, purple and blue.
This species will work well in garden beds, although it is most often used for flower arrangements in all kinds of containers and boxes.
Blooming from late spring until autumn frosts, petunia will be a beautiful decoration of a balcony, terrace or window sill.

Petunia seeds are sown in early spring in a heated room.
A light and permeable substrate will be best for this purpose, emergence will appear after about 10-12 days.
When the period of spring frosts is over, the seedlings can be planted outside.
We provide them with a sunny and warm place, then they bloom most beautifully.
This species has low soil requirements, but when planted on too rich and moist soil, it creates more leaves at the expense of flowers.
Low petunias grown in containers should be watered and fertilised regularly.

Each package contains 1 gram or around 100 seeds

Petunia hybrida nana

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