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Petunia Jagged Flowers Purple 80 seeds

Petunia Jagged Flowers Purple 80 seeds

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Purple Petunia with jagged flowers is an annual plant with partially drooping shoots, reaching a length of approx. 40 cm. Its white, impressive flowers appear from May to October, i.e. during the flowering period. The seeds are sown in pots in the third month of the year, but they should be placed permanently in May. In order to be able to grow and develop properly, petunia needs a site with free access to the sun or a partially shaded place. A suitable substrate will be permeable soil that is fertile. Despite some resistance to decreasing temperatures, the plant will certainly not cope with frosts. The jagged petunia is used as decoration, among other things, for growing in containers, for flower beds and for planting flower beds. It looks very good when hanging. It is often found on balconies and terraces. The undoubted advantage of the plant, which largely determines its popularity, is the long flowering period. The relatively simple cultivation seems to be equally important, thanks to which petunia will not be a challenge, even for someone who has never delved into the secrets of plant breeding. Petunia with jagged flowers in white is the perfect solution for someone who would like to decorate a garden or balcony, but lack an idea for it.

The package contains 0.01 grams or around 80 seeds

Petunia x hybrida fimbriata
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